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I’m so excited for my new toy… Blackberry 8830 World Edition

September 16, 2007

So on Friday I get called into a meeting with a few other guys from work who didn’t have mobile devices. We were told we were getting an additional paycheck from work for reimbursement but had to get a mobile device ASAP. It didn’t matter what we got, but it had to be a mobile device (be it a Palm Treo, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile device).

Keep in mind I deal with these things all day. I know the BlackBerry’s the best, but have had some dealings with Windows Mobile and Treo’s. So I knew what I kind of wanted to get… and it wasn’t the Treo this time… I wanted something a bit bigger and better.

So Friday night Elaine and I went to the Verizon store, updated some of our account options, and I purchased this bastard:

The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. It wasn’t cheap. I wasn’t up for a device renewal, since I had to start a brand new account when I moved to Massachusetts. So I had to shell out a few bucks for this, but I will make out with my reimbursement checks at the end of the year.

It’s quite ironic, I had just mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to get a new mobile device. So Friday night it became reality.

So far the device is fantastic. I set up my work email using BlackBerry Internet Service for now (until my company gets the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which is soon I hear) and also setup my Gmail account. Both are working flawless.

Internet browsing with the BlackBerry browser is seamless. And some of the other options on the device are very cool.

I haven’t messed with the desktop software yet, nor have I installed any additional applications. I’ll be doing that later tonight.

On the way home from Buffalo today, when my wife was driving, I was able to hit up the ESPN site (with a great mobile interface) and watch the MLB and NFL scores in real time. It was sooooo cool.

I’m now a happy Crackberry user.


Interested in a new PDA?

August 14, 2007

I don’t know about you, I’ve been ready to ditch my Razr and switch to a mobile device for a long time now. My last PDA (believe this or not) was a HP iPaq 2750! Let’s just say it’s been collecting dust under my desk for some time now.

Whether it’s a Blackberry or a Windows Mobile device, anything is better than what I got. Which is about nothing.

Anyway, I came across this nice listing of the Top 10 Cell Phone/PDA’s on the market today. Take a look. It is broken down by ratings, and each item is reviewed quite well.

Personally? I won’t be in the market for one of these for a few months, but I think I’m getting a Verizon Treo 755p. But who knows… I’m sure something else will grab my eye when the time comes.