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The Most Expensive 10MB in History!

August 12, 2007

Here’s a throwback to enjoy… 🙂

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Convert any files without software

August 12, 2007

I came across this excellent post from Raymond, which may I add is an excellent blog I recently started reading daily.

What he speaks of is true… when you want to convert say, a .wav to an .mp3 file, and you currently don’t have a tool to do that, a google search yields a bunch of shit programs (most of them bundled with spyware). Who wants all these programs on their PC? I can admit, I have some conversion programs (such as ConverXtToDVD, Tunebite, yadda yadda yadda) which do the job, but if you’re looking free and painless, then check out:

Convert WAV to MP3
Maximum File Size: 100MB
Converted Files Storage Time: 24 hours
Immediate Download Converted Files: NO (Download link sent to email)
Bulk Conversion: YES (If same format)
Resize Converted Image: NO
Output Format: 53

Convert AVI to MPG
Maximum File Size: 150MB
Converted Files Storage Time: 24 hours
Immediate Download Converted Files: YES
Bulk Conversion: NO
Resize Converted Image: YES
Output Format: 179

I’m currently not sure if Media-Convert works with protected music, I believe it does not. But check those out if you want a quick and painless way to convert certain file formats.

A lot of formats are supported. Main formats are :

  • Raw text, HTML, XHTML, Microsoft Word, RTF, PDF, PS, Open Office, Star Writer, Pocket Word, Word Perfect
  • CSV, dBase, Microsoft Excel, Pocket Excel, Lotus 123, Quattro Pro, Star Calc, Open Office spreadsheet
  • MathML, Star Math, Open Office math
  • Microsoft Powerpoint, Star Impress, Open Office presentation
  • Why use Media-Convert ?

  • No software installation, Media-Convert let you read all kind of documents.
  • Convert files, for example to read all Open Office files with Microsoft Office
    or convert files into universal formats like Adobe PDF, PS (PostScript) or CSV to print, fax ou simply read them on any computer, without special software.
  • Insert a PDF into your web page by converting it into an SWF Flash file.
  • Export easily Microsoft Access database to an Excel table.
  • Capture a website as an image.
  • Encode a text with UTF-8 codes or with one of 900 other charsets.
  • Learn morse code with the text to morse converter 😉
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    New Google Map Features Worth Mentioning

    July 14, 2007

    I’m sure most of you know this by now (I don’t claim to be on top of NEW news…, but anyway). There are some new Google Maps features that I just found out about tonight when my wife asked me directions to look up.

    First off, you can tell Google Maps what alternate routes to take by dragging the blue line on the map to different roads. It’s pretty sweet.

    Also, you can now avoid highways on directions. This may have been around for awhile, but I’m not sure. So all you people who are scared to drive on highways (ahem, my wife) now have directions that avoid them.

    Pretty cool!


    Another Default Password site

    July 8, 2007

    A few posts back I mentioned a cool site that provided default passwords for thousands of devices and applications.

    Here’s another, not-so-pretty list. It may include the same entries as the site mentioned earlier, but a quick Find procedure might yield quicker results. It’s ugly, but it’s definitely cool.


    "DVD Jon" Cracks iPhone Activation

    July 6, 2007



    Only 6 days later. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


    Default Passwords

    June 15, 2007

    This is great. I don’t have to explain how great this is, do I?



    Back from Maine

    May 28, 2007

    I’m back from Maine. I might be able to get some quick blogs in while I’m in Buffalo. Anyways, the Maine trip was fantastic. My wife and I had a great time. Here are a couple pictures from one of the most beautiful places on earth. I had to borrow our cousins’ 4.0 Mega pixel Canon PowerShot A520 (not a bad little camera) while ours was away at Canon getting fixed (defective LCD). I am used to higher quality, but I am grateful we were able to use the camera.