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Windows XP Wireless Fix

April 8, 2007

Thanks to our buddy Steve over at Freesource Technology for this one. I didn’t know this was available.

Install this update to enhance the Windows XP support for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) options in Wireless Group Policy (WGP), and to help prevent the Windows wireless client from advertising the wireless networks in its preferred networks list.


Gee, about time.

April 7, 2007

Most of the time, Microsoft is pretty good about being on the forefront of ‘obvious’. Well, for the longest time, that wasn’t the case with obtaining hotfixes.

In the past you had to dial the Microsoft Hotfix number or find someone that had it. I caught myself many times calling the Hotfix number to obtain hotfixes. While the process was very simple, it was annoying. Most of the time I did not have time to call Microsoft for a hotfix.

Microsoft has finally introduced an online Hotfix Request form. Just plugin the hotfix ID, version, platform, email address, yada yada yada… and you will receive a download link for the hotfix in your email. Pretty nifty! It’s about time!

So chew on that. I’m pretty happy to finally see this crucial, less time consuming approach to obtaining hotfixes.

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