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Think you may have a rootkit? AVG Releases Anti-Rootkit

April 13, 2007

Just what is a rootkit

 A program that hackers implant in a victim’s computer to hide their nefarious programs; a hacker security tool that captures passwords and message traffic to and from a computer; a collection of tools that allows a hacker to provide a backdoor into a system, collect information on other systems on the network, mask the fact that the system is compromised, and much more. A root kit is a classic example of Trojan horse software and is available for a wide range of operating systems.

There are a few decent root kit apps out there. Some work better than others. Here’s another one. I downloaded and installed, but have not run it yet. So far, it looks somewhat like F-Secure’s Blacklight interface.

AVG Anti-Rootkit is a powerful tool with state-of-the-art technology for detection and removal of rootkits. Rootkits are used to hide the presence of a malicious object like trojans or keyloggers on your computer. If a threat uses rootkit technology to hide itself it is very hard to find the malware on your PC. AVG Anti-Rootkit gives you the power to find and delete the rootkit and to uncover the threat the rootkit is hiding.

Try it out. Why not, it’s free! And AVG is always reliable.