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Let users update their own AD information with the Active Directory Update tool

July 4, 2007

Serdar Yegulalp

Active Directory Update is a .NET Web application written by Active Directory and Exchange Server maven Jim McBee that allows individual end users to update their own Active Directory attributes via a Web page.

Windows and Exchange Server administrators who rely on the GALMOD utility to modify user data in Active Directory should welcome the convenience of the Active Directory Update tool. Users just have to log in to a Web interface to modify Active Directory attributes for which they have been granted update permissions.

The program has a number of customizations that can be applied:

  • Fields like city, state, department, and office can be constrained to dropdown list selection only to prevent mistakes or invalid submissions.
  • Any part of the interface can be hidden to simplify the presentation.
  • All of the help/attribute strings and labels in the interface can be customized.

The program comes with its own installer and requires only that Internet Information Services (IIS) be installed and running, and that ASP.NET and the .NET 1.1 Framework be present. Connections to the program can optionally be made over an SSL connection for added security.

If you want to try out the program, a 10-day evaluation version is available that works without any functionality restrictions and can be easily upgraded to the full version with little effort. The cost to license the full version is U.S. $299 per Active Directory domain.


How To: Find an e-mail address in Active Directory

June 28, 2007

I used this technote today when creating a mailbox for a user then getting an error saying the email address was used in the organization. I thought, “WTF?”. Anyways, thanks to the Exchangepedia blog for this useful tip!

Every once in a while you try to assign a particular address to a recipient in AD Users & Computers, only to be told someone already has that address!

Here’s how you can find out whether an email address is assigned, and the recipient it belongs to.

– In AD Users & Computers (on Windows Server 2003), right-click Saved Queries container | New | Query.
– Enter a name for the query, and click the Define Query button
– From the Find drop-down – select Custom Search | go to Advanced tab
– In the Enter LDAP Query text box, enter the query:

This returns recipients of all types – users, mail-enabled contacts, public folders, and groups that have the address

Click here to see a Flash demo.


Exchange 2007, 32-bit, in Production? What? Huh?

May 24, 2007

Apparently, it can be done. However, with a few caveats.

Read the full article here.


System Admin Script Resources

March 26, 2007

I depend on scripting a lot. Probably not as much as some admins, but lately I’ve resolved to scripting to help me roll out system admin tasks. Especially to do stuff like Add/Remove users from Active Directory, User logon scripts, etc. Here are a few excellent web resources for those times you need a script in a pinch.

LabMice.Net – Scripting & Batch Programming Resources
Microsoft TechNet Script Center
The Script Center Script Repository
TechTasks Script CenterĀ