How To: Find an e-mail address in Active Directory

June 28, 2007

I used this technote today when creating a mailbox for a user then getting an error saying the email address was used in the organization. I thought, “WTF?”. Anyways, thanks to the Exchangepedia blog for this useful tip!

Every once in a while you try to assign a particular address to a recipient in AD Users & Computers, only to be told someone already has that address!

Here’s how you can find out whether an email address is assigned, and the recipient it belongs to.

– In AD Users & Computers (on Windows Server 2003), right-click Saved Queries container | New | Query.
– Enter a name for the query, and click the Define Query button
– From the Find drop-down – select Custom Search | go to Advanced tab
– In the Enter LDAP Query text box, enter the query:

This returns recipients of all types – users, mail-enabled contacts, public folders, and groups that have the address blah@blah.com.

Click here to see a Flash demo.


One comment

  1. alternatively (and quicker) – just compose an email with the email address you are looking for in outlook. Press ctrl-k – it will resolve to the user/folder that it belongs to.

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