MCSA is my goal!

June 23, 2007

Certifications are a beast. Especially if you work long hours, have a life, have a wife and/or kids, and like to have time for yourself.

It’s not easy studying, I can attest. But my next certification that I want to attain, based on my career track, is the Windows 2003 MCSA.

I currently have the 270 exam already taken and passed, making me a MCP. I’m currently working on 290, and then just have one more elective and I will be MCSA.

Here is some more information on the MCSA.

Not sure if you want to go MCSE or MCSA? Here’s the breakdown of the two commonly confused certifications.

Here is a great certification site I’ve been visiting and posting on for years.


One comment

  1. Best of luck with your MCSA. A couple of guys I’m working with at a global bank are being pressurised by management to complete their MCSE and it’s not going down too well. They think that it’s simply not relevant to what they’re doing and most of the stuff you have to learn, you’ll never use. We’ll see if management change their minds.

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