Examining Disk Space on Servers

June 16, 2007

Need some nice free tools to see exactly what’s taking up all that space on the server your working on? Well… here you go! Here are some free tools that can help.

WinDirStat http://windirstat.info/

Very flashy but also very useful.  Those blocks represent single files, so the larger the block, the larger the file.  I found a whole season of Thomas the Tank Engine on one my client’s user shares with this.  Sorry Thomas is no longer available.


DFolder – (http://files.ww.com/files/18506.html)

It’s a shell extension for when you hit the properties of any folder or hard drive. DFolder’s been sitting at this website for years.  Apparently it was made by someone in France somewhere along the line.  It’s reliable nonetheless and it’s a feature that really should have been in Windows at some point.  When you fire it up go to Options and check “By Size” and then Check “Descending”.


Grand Perspective – (For the Mac)

It’s like WinDirStat but better because it’s on the Mac.


One comment

  1. You can try the smallest disk space report utility – Dirlot (http://soft.km.ua/soft/dirlot/index.en.html). It does essetially what WinDirStat does but is simler and more expressive.

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