Safari on Windows; Yes it’s REALLLY fast

June 12, 2007

I’m currently running Safari 3 Beta on my Windows XP Pro box at home.

Holy crap. This is so great. I mean, really great.


It’s really really great that it’s on Windows now. We get to enjoy all the same features regardless of whether it’s on Windows or Mac. I love the interface… I have had limited time with Mac’s and have always enjoyed Safari. Now I can really enjoy it without using a Virtual Machine. I’m a really happy man now.

It’s got your typical browser capabilities, such as tabbed browsing, password database, pop-up blocking, built-in RSS, etc.

It also sports an integrated Find banner that resides below the bookmarks bar, the ability to drag and drop tabs just like bookmarks, and resizable text fields. Once final, Safari 3 will also feature a toolbar button that activates the Web Clip feature for creating Dashboard widgets.

I haven’t had too much time to play with it. But I have it installed at work on my new dual-core system… so I’ll use it tomorrow, I’m excited! I never thought this would be available on the Windows platform.


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