First week at the new job: Amazing

June 9, 2007

I can’t say enough good things about where I work. I am not going to name the company I work for, to protect the innocent… but I can tell you it’s in the Boston area.

It’s amazing. If you do some research on growing IT companies (most importantly, the fastest growing outsourced IT company in Massachusetts) you’ll probably find it without a problem.

There’s no secret, though, that I am in a help-desk related role. Some may consider help desk a step back from what I was doing. But not in my case. I make $11,000 more a year working there than I did working in AZ. But alas…

The place I work for is incredible. It is growing leaps and bounds. Everyone is in it for the long haul. Everyone has such a positive attitude. Everyone strives to make themselves better at what they do; and are totally committed to making the company grow faster and faster every day. And the feeling is contagious. I already feel that way and I have been there 5 days.

I work with some of the most amazing people. It’s such a big difference than what I was doing. Back in AZ, I was responsible for so much. Here, I worry about 1 thing… Customer service and bettering my technical and business skills. I have other people to depend on for onsite service, sales, quotes, follow up, etc… all which I was apart of in AZ. I like having one thing to worry out, not 15.

I work in an amazing department. Everyone is easy going, everyone’s always telling jokes, having a good time. I can wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a hat. I can leave my desk at any point and go outside for awhile. There’s always free food, free drinks, free training. I can see myself at this job for a LONG LONG TIME. And of course, being promoted in the process… 🙂

It’s all just getting started. I made the right choice!



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