Disable Prefetching in Firefox

June 9, 2007

Firefox has a spooky feature called “Prefetching” that downloads pages that it thinks you are going to click on. (note: this is a good excuse for how those pages ended up in your history). It’s also a waste of CPU and bandwidth that slows Firefox down.

To turn off this behavior, type about:config into the address bar, and then type the following into the Filter bar:



Just double-click the item in the list to change it to false.


One comment

  1. Bookmarked.

    I can never remember this. I’ve got a laptop that needs this turned off. It was trying to prefetch everything I was reading on Bloglines, with some hefty article counts (hey, I was on vacation!) that made trying to read Bloglines useless. I KNEW about it, I just couldn’t remember it! As I suspected, it’s turned off on THIS machine, and I would have gotten the setting correct if I had managed to FTP the settings file off this thing. But of course, Firefox had to keep hitting my machine as anonymous (even after I put in username and password!) and banned me. 😦 My bad! I guess. :/

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