I need a good computer bag / briefcase

May 17, 2007

Hey everyone, I need to get a new bag for work before June 4. I’m looking for something I can put a laptop into, but also file folders, packets, pens, MP3 player, etc.

Can anyone recommend anything for me to check out? I’d like to not spend over $65 for this bag. Feel free to comment. Thanks!


One comment

  1. Speaking from experience, going for the cheaper option is not always the correct solution too your problems, in fact you may simply get a bag which is easily destroyed as well as being cosmetically displeasing.

    However if your willing to spend that little bit extra, the jump in quality and style is enormous, for example take the Ranco Leather Bag Ranco Leather Bag

    This integrates style and practicality, you be able to store your laptop, files, pens, mp3 etc while at the same time impressing your colleagues and friends.

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