Something I’ve never really been apart of…

May 3, 2007

I was reflecting today. I was reflecting about my career in IT over the past 5 or so years. And I got scared for a moment.

Something I have never really dealt with is a disaster. A FULL BLOWN server disaster. Server down, people pissed, pure mayhem. Ok… once… but I had help.

But I have never really been stuck with a ground up bare metal restore of a server of any kind. Or even an Exchange restore. Maybe I should call it luck… or maybe I should call it ‘not-prepared’.

I don’t know how I would act if say, tomorrow morning, a client of mine called me and said their server was down and not able to boot into Windows. Or someone had deleted several public folders or their entire mailbox. What would I do? 

To be completely honest, I’d probably panic. I’d have so much going through my mind. How would I get the data back? Did they have a good backup? Do we have our restore policies/processes in place?  Luckily, for my biggest client, they have Acronis True Image Server backing up images of all their servers daily, with a 2 week rotation going to a 1.5TB ReadyNAS. I feel comfortable restoring with Acronis products since I’ve done it before. They also run a Double-check Failover server on their Exchange server and also Symantec Backup Exec backs up all servers as well. So they’re covered.

But most clients just back up to Rev drives or tapes with Symantec Backup Exec 10 or above. I have not yet once had to restore a server that has used Symantec, or any other backup product except Acronis. I feel that I am not prepared for a disaster. Luckily, our backups have been running very smooth and all clients take tapes/ REV cartridges offisite daily.

Having to restore a server from the ground up is one of my biggest fears. I feel I am not ready for something like that. I have never done it. Is anyone else in this position? It’s seriously freaking me out!


One comment

  1. hi,

    i have been thinking the same. I have been looking at the server image prodcuts which are available and they do look very useful especially for bare metal restore.

    What worries me is tring to restore iis config etcs to servers we have here, an image product would take care of that.

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