Turn Outlook into a Knowledge Base with Exchange Public Folders

May 2, 2007

Found this nifty article over at SearchExchange.com – about a product from Kalmstrom.nu that installs in Outlook and uses Public Folders as a Knowledge Base. I think it’s a great idea for someone looking to implement something that doesn’t cost a lot (it’s free!) and doesn’t require a ton of technical knowledge. It’s called (very appropriately, Outlook Knowledge Base). (click image for full graphic)

They also have some other applications on their site that tie into Microsoft Office.

Hey, it’s worth a shot. If anyone has any feedback, let it be known.



  1. […] I stumbled onto an interesting, and free, tool to turn an Exchange Public Folder into a searchable knowledgebase of tips as I was browsing my feed reader this afternoon, thanks to IT Techno-Babble. […]

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this about my product!
    You are most welcome to try out the others, of course 😉

    Best regards
    Peter Kalmström, http://www.kalmstrom.nu

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