My new position I’m taking

May 2, 2007

I haven’t delved into what exactly I’ll be doing when I move to MA. I’ll be working as a Tier II Remote Support Engineer (Servers, Exchange, Routers/Firewalls, Domain Controllers, Mobile Devices, etc) you know, the FUN stuff. I can’t wait!

However,  this is my first real Help-Desk job. Although currently, I guess you could say that I am remote help desk/programmer/system admin/onsite technician, but I’m going to be doing the help-desk thing full time.

So, if anyone reading this out there has any tips or tricks for someone getting into the help-desk thing, I’d be happy to take them into consideration.

I know I’m good with people. I treat them with respect. I am a good listener and I consider my clients part of my family. I joke around with them and talk with them like I’m one of them. Perhaps having that background got me where I am. So…

If any one has any recommendations, e-mail me or post a comment. Thanks!


One comment

  1. There’s help out there. Check out my blog careersecretsauce.com.


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