A Interesting Way to Offer Remote Assistance

May 1, 2007

This is originally from Vlad’s blog over at Vladville.com. I stumbled across this posting a week or so ago when I needed to shadow someone, and it worked PERFECTLY. Check it out!

Now this is very cool. One of my partners, Travis Creighton, posted this on a mailing list and it is very cool. You know how the Remote Assistance game works, right? You have to ask them to go into Help & Support center, request assistance, mail it to you, etc? Well, Travis found a way to get into the box without making the user create a request:

I found how to bring up the “Offer Remote Assistance” app w/o navigating to the “Server Management” app. (I know…I’m breaking the 70-282 rules.) The sweet thing is that I can use this URL on my XP workstation and not have to first connect to the server in order to ‘offer’ Remote Assistance. And without this URL, I had to talk them through sending me an invite. Here is the jewel (copy and paste it all on the same line):


Neat, eh?


One comment

  1. Doesn’t Work on Vista Machines.

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