What are you using for PC Backup?

April 8, 2007

Simple question here. I had a brief discussion with Steve over at Freesource this morning about backing up. I’m curious what others out there are doing to ensure they do not lose data on their home workstation/server.

My environment is pretty darn simple. I have 1 XP SP2 workstation, and 1 XP SP2 laptop on my network. I have a pretty old Windows 2003 SP2 domain controller that houses some data. It’s obviously my DNS server and a DHCP server. That’s about it. I don’t keep much data on the server anymore because I have some pretty old, slow IDE drives with no capacity.

6 months ago I moved all my important data/application backups to my workstation. I have (1) 160 GB SATA hard drive that is partitioned for OS and one for Applications. I also have a seperate 200 GB SATA drive that is used strictly for Data and music. I have a 160 GB SATA drive in an external hard drive enclosure connected via USB 2.0 to my workstation.

I currently use Acronis True Image Workstation 9.1 with Universal Restore on my workstation and Acronis True Image Server 9.1 on my server. I do a full image backup of all drives on my workstation about 1 time a week. Throughout the week I will do manual incremental backups depending on how much data I add/move/delete on all of the drives. This seems to work with me. I have only had to restore one time using Acronis on this workstation. My data drive completely died a few months ago and I had to completely restore to a brand new drive. It worked perfectly.  I had a full backup from the night before!

So I’m wondering what everyone out there uses for mainly their home network. Whether you have a server or not, what are you using? What software are you using? Backup strategy? Storage medium? Feel free to comment on this post.


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