A tutorial/screencast/podcast/doo-hickey site that kicks ass.

April 5, 2007

I love finding new resources directed towards nerds like me, who want to learn more and more about IT.

I actually got this link from another blog, but I can’t remember where, or else I’d link to it.

The site is called ITidiots.com. You may have heard from them before. Two dudes, one system admin/trainer guy named Nicky and one developer named Nick. Sounds corny. But they’re pretty cool guys and their screencast tutorials are outstanding. At least I think so.

I’ve watched a few so far. I’m currently in the middle of Episode 31, installing Sharepoint. I myself have not yet installed Sharepoint (other than coming across it in SBS 2003) so this video, so far, has peeked my interest.

The videos are available in Windows Media, Quicktime, iPod, Zune, and Sony PSP.

Check them out if you’re studying for your MCSE or whatever, or just looking to increase some of your skills. I guarantee you’ll bookmark this site. OH, and you should definitely add their RSS feed to your feed reader.


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