Microsoft unveils “Response Point” IP Phone System for Small Businesses

March 19, 2007

My boss just sent me a link on a small business VoIP solution from Microsoft called “Response Point”. Apparently, they are partnering with D-Link, Uniden, and and Quanta. Currently still in beta, there will be three models to choose from, each from their respective partners listed above.

What could this mean for the VoIP market?

I myself am really interested in the Asterisk/AsteriskNOW system, but after reading this, I’d really like to see what Response Point can do. Apparently, any basic tech can set up one of these systems in minutes.

There is not much information available yet, but it seems promising. As more and more companies are switching to VoIP, this may be the perfect time for Microsoft to jump in the VoIP game.

We’ll just have to see what happens.

Microsoft has always come along later when new technologies are introduced, and have known to work things so that administering and maintaining such technology will be easier with the Microsoft way. At least that is how I see it.

What are your thoughts?

Read the Microsoft Press Release here on “Response Point”.


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