A huge monitor/LCD TV/all-in-one Julienne French Fry maker…

March 16, 2007

One of my clients in central Phoenix are defintiely not afraid to spend money. Which is a good thing.

But when I was told I had to install a ‘new monitor’ over the phone for the president of the company, I thought nothing of it. Until I saw the box. 

They had ordered her a 32″ Dell LCD TV / monitor / whateveryouwanttocallit. IT WAS HUGE. It weighed over 70 lbs. The box was almost as big as a refrigerator. Did I say it was HUGE?

Take a look (sorry for the crappy quality, it’s from my most excellent 1 megapixel Razr cell-phone). The picture does it no justice… you have to be there to fully appreciate this mammoth.

Holy Shit

It’s incredible. Picture in Picture (with a coax cable TV feed going into it) is one of the cooler features. It has amazing picture quality. I know… it’s a Dell… and I usually hate Dell products. But I was in awe after I was finished setting it up.

Check out the specs on this puppy.

I want one.


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